Step 1:  Download the Attorney Client Fee Agreement and Conflict Waiver Form. (Right click on the Form links below and select “Save Link As…”) NOTE: The contract is for only three months at $500 a  month, capped at $1500 per client.  Subject to change if required but expectation is that will be all that any one employee pays.

Click here for Fee Agreement with Conflict Waiver Form

Step 2:  Fill out all of the Blanks with your Name, Address, Email, Phone Number

Step 3:  Sign the Attorney Fee Contract

Step 4: Scan and email to:

Step 5: Make Payment of $500 retainer by using button below to make credit card payment.  (We cannot proceed with your claim if you do not make the second payment. Please pay using the Pay Now button below).

PanTex Plant Retainer Deposit – Payment #1


Pay now

PanTex Plant Retainer Deposit – Payment #2


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PanTex Plant Retainer Deposit – Payment #3


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Step 6: Fill out Client Confidentiality Form and email to attorney     NOTE: This is a private communication

Click here for Attorney Client Confidential Form



What is the PanTex Case Goal?

  1. Seek in the most appropriate federal court an injunction stopping the Vaccine Mandate
  2. Seek an acceptable process for religious exemptions and medical exemption status
  3. Seek compensation for all employees damaged by the mandate.


What if I am not a PanTex Plant Employee:

  1. Fill out Non Employee Information Form and explain details. Link for that form can be found by CLICKING HERE.
  2. If enough employees of a different airline/government job or other impacted professions are interested, a new case for them will be started.


If you want to donate to the “Fight Vax Mandate” go here: