Protecting Orange County Creditors' Rights In Bankruptcy Litigation

If an individual or business files bankruptcy, creditors race to recover what is owed to them in an attempt to avoid the complexities of collecting under the bankruptcy process. The lawyers at Mahaffey Law Group in Newport Beach, have extensive experience advocating for creditors in bankruptcy litigation. Founding attorney Douglas Mahaffey has nearly three decades of litigation experience. He leads a team that has a strong track record of business and finance-related litigation, including protecting creditors' claims and minimizing losses through adversary proceeding litigation, contested matter claims, and debtor workouts.

Our Goal Is Rapid Resolution So You Can Focus On Your Business

At Mahaffey Law Group, we emphasize resolving creditor disputes in a manner that is both efficient and cost-effective. Our thorough knowledge of federal rules and procedure allows us to frequently reach a fair resolution without the need to litigate. If a solution cannot be reached outside of court, however, our attorneys stand ready to advocate for you in trustee litigation.

We pursue and defend creditors' rights in the full spectrum of legal challenges that come before bankruptcy courts, including:

  • Trustee appointment petitions
  • Challenging an automatic stay
  • Adversary proceedings challenging a discharge of debt incurred through fraud or malicious conduct
  • Preference litigation allowing for recovery of funds paid by a debtor to other parties 90 days prior to filing bankruptcy
  • Challenging debtors' attempts to remove lien encumbrances
  • Reclaiming property that was sold to a debtor within 45 days of the bankruptcy filing

Quick Action Is Essential

The window of opportunity to be successful in these creditor actions is small. It is critical to contact a knowledgeable creditors' rights attorney as soon as possible.

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