Douglas L. Mahaffey has over 30 years’ experience in federal court litigation including multiple group and class action cases involving claims for tens to hundreds of millions of dollars.   As founder of Mahaffey Law Group, he has successfully resolved many of these cases and is currently co-counsel in the class action case of Hart vs Charter Communications, LACD  8:17-cv-0056-SB involving a nationwide class claim seeking tens of millions of dollars for consumers suffering failed internet speeds, is lead counsel in a Middle District Florida case entitled  Roadwire Leather, LLC vs Katzkin, 6:18-CV-01237 involving a 100 million dollar industry litigation matter between two competitors, is counsel in two pending  intellectual property claims in Los Angeles Central District involving alleged trademark violation claims, and has substantial federal court bankruptcy experience in California, Oklahoma, Minnesota involving a claim against the Prince Estate, and in New York where Mahaffey Law Group received federal court terminating sanctions against the opposing party and their attorney.   Mahaffey Law Group prefers federal court and believes the Electronic Information (ESI) discovery is much stronger in federal court. Mahaffey Law Group has obtained forensic imaging orders in multiple cases and has utilized these tools to get the truth, which often is in deleted text messages and emails. Mahaffey Law Group relentlessly seeks justice based on a God fearing approach to every case.